2014 JULY 17th thru to the 20th.... Location: 461 Penetanguishene Rd. Barrie, Ontario Canada. Call 705-739-0171 for details. Always FREE ADMISSION for contributing participants in such activities as Box Wars, The HANDFASTING MASS Wedding Ceremony, Teacher's and Speakers.

Welcome to Our PAGANFEST Celebration

PaganFest is a family friendly Community Festival held once a year. Come join us for a weekend in beautiful Southern Ontario area on seven acres on the edge of Barrie. This sacred land surrounds the winding Willow Creek. Paganfest is dedicated to bring together Pagans of all beliefs and lifestyles. We have our own full service kitchen, washrooms, showers, porta potties too, and finally a mess hall!

Join in the celebration of the first harvest of the year. Learn, share and enjoy each others unique differences. Our community currently includes Wicca, Odinist, Asatru, Druid, Shamanic, Buddhist, Taoist, Hermetic, Voodoo, Christian/Pagans, various Native American, Celtic, Rastafari and other Pagan sensitive beliefs.

Our festival has a unique theme related to the season in which it is celebrated. There will be something for everyone, young and old!

Elders, Speakers, Teachers, Healers, Psychics, Vendors, Artists, Musicians, Demos, Drumming, Dancing, Bardic Circles, Performers and Entertainers, Camping, Swimming, Bonfires, Rituals, Sweat Lodge, Moon Lodge, Contests, Ceremonies and more.


FireDance, Drum and share your favorite Song, Poem, or Skit at the BARDIC CIRCLE. Each night we will be keeping the BALEFIRES burning so join us and celebrate in the festivities the night long! For those of you who are interested please register your intentions! Prizes are given by jurors to our best participants so make it fun and give us your best!

7th Annual Paganfest

This years theme is "Spirited Hearts" Celebrate & Share in the joy of our mutual love & appreciation for Earth Based Spirituality" join us & help in bringing back the balance to our communities & our universe. LOVE> LEARN> LAUGH> AND BE ENLIGHTENED with other like minded folks & families. PAGANFEST 2014 IS FREE ALL DAY ALL WEEKEND. CAMPING FEES ARE WAIVED FOR ALL CONTRIBUTING PARTICIPANTS to Registrants for BOXWARS> http://paganfest.ca/boxwars.php , FREE EVENING PASS TO THE MASS HANDFASTING WEDDING PARTICIPANTS >http://paganfest.ca/wedding.php, PERFORMERS, TEACHERS & FACILITATORS and VOLUNTEERS will have the CAMPING FEES WAIVED for participating http://paganfest.ca/register.php!, In recognition of your skills and input! Thxs so much for contributing to the PAGAN WAY we appreciate it! MEDIEVAL FEAST> Please BRING A DISH TO SHARE AN OUTFIT TO MATCH! ALL Registrants Must be approved by Paganfest Committee Administration PAGANFEST. Originally Beltaine was the very first festival we ever created, it has been hosted by Earth and Sky Connection for the duration of its life, originally we gathered for four of the sabbats each year, all held during the Mid-Seasons called the Grand Sabbats. Paganfest~Beltaine, Paganfest~Imbolc, Paganfest~Lughnasadh & finally Paganfest~Samhain. You still find us celebrating on the Sabbats however likely just for the day, connect with us for details~ We hope you & your family plan to attend the Celebrations, sharing in the FIREDANCING, DRUMMING, BOXWARS & THE HANDFASTING WEDDING Activities too! For those of you who would like to register YOUR INTENTIONS for these or to facilitate a workshop, demonstration, concert, ritual or to put out a VENDORS tent please go to www.paganfest.ca fill out the eforms.. Add ur favorite friends to JOIN THIS GROUP Brightest Blessings To ALL SEE YOU SOON and a Special Thanks to everyone of you wonderful members we appreciate you all! Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet Again... Much love Tamare White-Wolf & Skylar Pink 705-739-7171.