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Straight from Montego Bay Jamaica Known as Romi to his friends and family comes from a Christian family who built many Christian churches thorough out the country however despite the Christian way he was raised in he found comfort in the Rastafari faith from about the age of 17 At the influential age of twelve Romi remembers being caught playing Bob Marley music in his fathers church for which he was punished, regardless he was captivated by this groove and started mixing gospel with the beloved reggae beat. It was during the Gospel Era he emerge with his first performance at “Lollipop on the Beach” in Montego Bay, Jamaica singing Reggae playing for a large audience. With the birth of his song “Yeal to the King” he transformed his stage name to “INI Culture” which means unity and strength. Up to now, he has sing jayed, and is a well known performing and recording artist, writing and producing many of his own songs across the island. Producers from Europe and Japan where excited to release his beat to the world when he was at the age of 30, with his first song called “FIRE”. This tune was recognized as a favourite which attracted many producers from across the world commissioning him for more recordings. “Ini Culture” continues to perform stage shows for audiences small and large. Now he brings his diverse sound to the world and looks forward to touring internationally with his cultured reggae dancehall music vibe. Recently he has released four singles, What ta Gwaan to the Ghetto Youth, Youth Them A Balling, Take Care of The Environment and Vampire, INI CULTURE begins his tour with Canada.

George Coventry ~
"The writer of hundreds of songs, George is an unabashed romantic, unapologetic rabble rouser, and unashamed acolyte of the folk music traditions of performers such as Joan Baez, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and Bob Dylan. His songs reflect a fascination with history, anger towards the status quo, and keen observation of the myriad small moments that constitute hope in a crazed world." - Jennifer Ives - 2010 George plays guitar and harmonica and sings up a storm...or a peaceful interlude...depending on which song. ;-)

PALM Paul and Pam ~
"Palm" Progressive Mystical Rock, is a creative collaboration between Pam Catt and her musical apprentice, Paul Morris. "Living in d'Light of Liberty and Love in the Paradise of Peace Prosperity Protection" Saturday 7:30 pm

Mike West ~
This bio is being written by me for me . Im not a real fan of promotion or marketing so I don't really have much to say. Im a pretty good singer /songwriter as Ive been doing it for 30 years and I play most instruments. My forte is my voice I suppose. It seems nice tones come out of it and it makes ppl feel love and stuff sometimes. Ive played a lot of gigs and played with a lot of famous artists. I believe the music biz to be super super sick and have never had much want to get into it too much. I certainly have the talent just not the soul to give. I have a big repertoire -when I can remember the songs I know. I have many original songs that deal with the extremes of the Human condition. Much to do about abuse and healing, letting Love rule, Sex, trees , animals , Our mother, etc.etc. etc. I think you will get a yummy feeling inside if ya come check out my humble concert. I will be overshadowed by an amazing singer and songwriter and her team of warriors Raven Black and will be performing some with them too.